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Mr. Chuan Zhang - PhD Student

Short bio

I joined the group as a PhD student in August 2015. Before joining the group, I got my master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University China. My PhD project is funded by Cambridge Center for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES), so I am also a member of the C4T project under CARES. My current work is mainly about thermal energy management of eco-industry park. This work includes modelling and optimization of various waste heat recovery technologies, semantic representation and ontology design of simulation models and intelligent system development.



Model-based Computer-aided Thermal Energy Management in Eco-Industrial Park

Based on the share of energy, materials, resources and information, Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) has become a popular form of industry cluster. The design and optimization of thermal energy system of EIP, namely thermal energy management in this project, is of vital importance to increase the overall energy efficiency of EIP; Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) as a key enabler in emission reduction plays an important role in the thermal energy management of EIP. Thermal energy management of EIP is a multi-scale, multi-objective and non-trivial problem due to the hierarchical nature of EIP itself. This project strives to represent a holistic methodology for the generic design and optimization problem of EIP thermal energy system.

Two distinct features of the methodology covered in the project are model-based and computer-aided: model-based means model representation of each element in EIP, including building, chemical plant, utility plant and WHR technologies, will be used in the approach; computer-aided means a Knowledge-Based System (KBS) will be used to facilitate the dynamic design and optimization of system under different boundary conditions. Optimization algorithms are also an essential part in the framework in order to guide the configuration of EIP thermal energy system at different levels.



Collaborators in the project:

Prof. Markus Kraft, University of Cambridge, UK


Contact details:

                               Phone: +65 6908 3454

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