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Mr. Bakytzhan Akhmetov - Research Fellow

Short bio

Bakytzhan conducts research on Solar Thermal Energy, Heat Transfer, Underground Energy Storage, Geothermal Energy, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Design for Additive Manufacturing. Current focus on LNG cold energy capture, storage and utilization for various cooling applications using new materials and thermal systems. Graduated from Al-Farabi University (BEng, 2005 and Ph.D., 2017) and Georgia Institute of Technology (MSc, 2013).



Underground liquified natural gas (LNG) storage: Waste Cold Energy Recovery

Waste cold energy associated with LNG liquefaction or re-gasification processes that is otherwise lost can be captured, stored and efficiently applied in many areas such as space cooling, freeze desalination, refrigerated transportation, ice making and/or electricity generation via thermodynamic cycles. In any of these applications, a thermal energy storage (TES) system plays the central role in balancing the demand and supply of the cold. Due to the extreme temperature ranges (-162 to 20 °C), material and design challenges must be  surmounted in order to development an effective cold TES system. Moreover, to make the cold TES system economically viable in the energy market, cost reduction through the use of additive manufacturing methods are introduced, which require innovative approach to the problem.

Collaborators in the project:

Prof Yulong Ding from Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage, University of Birmingham, UK

Prof Yogi Goswami from Clean Energy Research Center, University of South Florida, USA


Contact details: email:

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