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Dr. Zheng Liu - Research Fellow

Short bio

Liu Zheng received his Master’s degree in Automotive engineering from University of Bath in 2015. In 2015, He started the PhD study at University of Bath in the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Center focusing on the designing, mapping, and optimizing the mixed flow turbines especially under unsteady flow conditions. During his PhD study, he had participated in several funded industrial research projects as a research co-investigator, including experimental testing of automotive turbochargers, optimization of the compressor intake duct, balancing the thrust force of a twin-compressor using CFD, one-dimensional optimization of a steamed Inverted Brayton Cycle for waste heat recovery.



CARES C4T - Better, cleaner heat usage

As part of the drive-in reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector, Zheng is working on a collaborative project with DAIMLER-BENZ. The project aims to advance novel solutions to reduce energy consumption from the powertrain of trucks. The work involves the design and optimization of novel turbomachinery design configuration, testing on turbocharger gas test stand and on-engine.

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