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Design and optimization: modelling and simulation play a key role in achieving optimized design and in enhancing the efficiency of thermal energy systems under dynamic operations

Multi-energy systems: our new software enables to design, retrofit and masterplan any district type

Energy Planning and Optimization - The Thermal Energy Systems Lab is developing its proprietary code and methodology for Energy Optimization and Planning of Mixed Use Industrial/Commercial/Residential districts. The code provides Energy Dispatch by solving the unit commitment problem and optimum power flow - electricity, cooling and heating. This code is capable of solving inverse (sizing) and direct (analysis) problems by modelling of power plant, building and district components such as Engines, Chillers, Pumps, Pipelines and so on.

The optimal solution is obtained by minimizing an Objective Function that takes engineering technical feasibility, Capital Costs (CAPEX), Operation Costs (OPEX), CO2 Emissions and other aspects into consideration. By means of this procedure, once the user demands (load, cooling and heating) are known, the code will constraint the solution to match with such demands. In case that the user demands are unknown, our code will still be able to build the load, cooling and heating profiles on the basis of the size and of the typology of the industrial park. 


In summary, the key features of our code are:


  • Energy Dispatch by solving Unit Commitment Problem and Optimal Power Flow (Electricity, Cooling and Heating), for a given plant layout.

  • Retrofitting an existing District/Industrial Park finding the best configuration of the system for answering for CO2, Primary Energy Source consumption and Capital Expenditure reduction

  • Sizing and design new District/Industrial Park plant taking end-user demands (e.g. Commercial, residential, office) into consideration.

  • Embedded off-design components maps and cost function for supplying the lack of information of DataBase

ENERGY SMART SOLUTIONS LTD. is our Spin-Off company offering consultancy to improve revenue and energy efficiency of existing and new assets. We serve the energy business across different sectors - industry, commercial, residential. The ©E-OPT is our software to provide an intuitive and reliable platform to suit your requirements. For more information visit our website.

Download our poster, click here.

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Simulation and modeling - The Thermal Energy Systems Lab makes use of the most established simulation and modeling platforms such as ANSYS (CFX, Fluent, FEA), ASPEN Hysis, F-Chart Software (EES - Engineering Equation Solver), Dymola (including TLK-Thermo Libraries), Smartdraw and others.



School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

Nanyang Technological University 

Materials Lab 1 / Block N3.1 - B2b - 02

50 Nanyang Avenue, 639798 Singapore


For enquiries please contact:

Asst. Prof. Alessandro Romagnoli 



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