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Mr. Sean Ooi - Research Associate

Short bio

Sean Ooi obtained his Master’s (Hons) in chemical engineering (MEng) from Imperial College London in 2016. In his course of study he focused on process systems engineering topics such as the modelling of dynamic behaviour of process systems and fluid phase equilibria of mixtures.

He interned at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) during his Master’s thesis, working on research & development in continuous manufacturing. His work involved investigating the propagation of disturbances (variances) from the powder feeding equipment to the powder mixer in dry tablet manufacturing.



Optimal Planning Tool for Smart Multi-Energy System (SMES) in Energy Research Institute @NTU

Sean is currently working on the Smart Multi-Energy Systems (SMES) project at Erian, under the supervision of Prof Alessandro Romagnoli and Dr Stefano Mazzoni. His work on distributed electricity generation involves optimizing the interactions between energy carriers and network of electricity-thermal-gas units at both planning and operational stages to achieve optimal economic and energy efficiency.



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