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Smart Multi Energy Systems (SMES): Cryogenic Energy Storage
Supported by: JTC under the Sustainable Energy Research & Technology Development, 2016-2021

Researchers (visit the PEOPLE webpage for more infos)

  • Asst. Prof. Alessandro Romagnoli, PI

  • Dr. Jia Yin Sze, Co-PI

  • Mr. Khor Jun Onn

  • Mr. Alessio Tafone

  • Mr. Emiliano Borri

  • Assoc. Prof. Gabriele Comodi

  • Prof. Yulong DIng

  • Prof. Yongliang Li

Description of the project


Part I: High-Grade Cold Regenerator

  • This part of the project aims to design and optimize high-grade cold regenerator which is a key efficiency component in LAES. Various simulation models for temperature behavior simulation are investigated. FLUENT models are being built for further verification of models, and this model is simplified to achieve a faster simulation compared to a 1-D model simulated on Matlab.

  • Lab-scale prototypes are currently being set-up in the Sustainable Cryogenic & Cold Energy Systems Lab for verification of models. The prototype includes utilizing hybrid sensible and latent heat energy storage materials. Different heat transfer mediums will be tested


Part II: Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) as poly-generation system

  • LAES is configured as a solid bridge between the necessity to further exploit renewables Energy Systems and a closer approach toward a sustainable Cold Economy in order to decarbonize the electricity grid.

  • The main objective of this project is to advance an efficient and integrated LAES solution providing both power and cold energy storage. The main driver and focus of this project will be that of working on system level optimization and component design/testing of cold thermal energy storage; in parallel it is intended to understand the economics of operating the proposed system in different environments and meeting power and cooling demands.

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