Mission: in our lab we aim to improve energy efficiency through design and optimization of thermal energy systems

Activity: our work explores a number of thematic ideas that challenge the energy research area

The research activity at the Thermal Energy Systems Lab looks into the analysis, design and development of energy systems for heat and cold energy recovery, utilization and distribution. The research encompasses fundamental aspects associated with heat/cold energy transfer which are then being translated into pilot-scale systems. The research activity within the Thermal Energy Systems Lab aims to bridge the gap between the lab and pilot testing demonstration and generate impact by translational research activity.  



The research activity focuses on studying novel thermal energy storage systems for cryogenic and cold energy applications. Cold energy recovery, utilization and distribution are the key focus areas of the lab which extends its research activity from the thermal energy storage material all the way up to its integration with heat exchangers and other conversion systems.  

The team actively investigates on cold energy recovery, utilization and distribution from LNG and Liquid Air Energy Storage, novel power cycles using Air Separation Units, quasi-isothermal compression processes and district cooling systems by means of latent heat storage. 



The research activity on the hot side focusses on energy conversion and storage from low to high-grade heat. The Thermal Energy Systems Lab investigates novel key-enabling solutions to enhance energy efficiency in industrial processes, power generation and road transport applications. Novel high-temperature latent heat storage systems, innovative turbomachinery design and advanced power cycles are being investigated within the lab. 



The Thermal Energy Systems Lab is developing its proprietary code and methodology for Energy Optimization and Planning of Mixed Use Industrial/Commercial/Residential districts. The code provides Energy Dispatch by solving the unit commitment problem and optimum power flow - electricity, cooling and heating. Energy Smart Solutions Pte Ltd. is the team Spin-Off which offers consultancy services on optimization of energy systems planning and operations. To know more visit our website or download our poster.

The Thermal Energy Systems Lab is engaged in a number of projects funded by industry and research/government agencies.

As part of these projects, several technologies have been developed and validated through investigation in our lab; our next goal is that of pushing these forwards by finding interested industry partners. 

An international team of researchers contributes to carry out and deliver the projects and research activities in the Thermal Energy Systems Lab. The team consists of a number of Research Fellows, Research Associates and PhD students which collaborate together in a number of projects from medium-high Technology Readiness Level. 


The Thermal Energy Systems Lab has bespoke test facilities to support the research activities on both the hot and cold energy areas. The test facilities allow covering systems level analysis as well as a more fundamental assessment of materials and heat transfer phenomena in thermal energy storage systems.

The Thermal Energy Systems lab develops and validates its own modeling tool for design, analysis and optimization of systems and systems components. In addition to this, an extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics is being carried out in order to support the models development and refine the optimization and design activity.

The Thermal Energy Systems Lab has well established collaborations with world renown Universities, Research Institutes and Industry to deliver research, consulting and advisory activities.


The Thermal Energy Systems Lab publishes in top-tier research journals and it regularly presents the outcomes of its work to world renown leading conferences.




School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

Nanyang Technological University 

Materials Lab 1 / Block N3.1 - B2b - 02

50 Nanyang Avenue, 639798 Singapore


For enquiries please contact:

Assoc. Prof. Alessandro Romagnoli 

email: a.romagnoli@ntu.edu.sg