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Mr. Manuel Jimenez-Arreola - PhD Student

Short bio

Manuel gained a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in his native Mexico. Subsequently, he was based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA working for two years in industry as a Mechanical Design Engineer for a Geotechnical Testing Equipment Manufacturer. He pursued a Master of Science degree in Power Engineering from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany in 2015 after which he began his PhD in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a research project in collaboration with TUM.  His interests include power generation from low-grade heat sources, waste heat recovery and dynamic modelling of power cycles.



Characterization of evaporator heat exchangers operating under fluctuating power sources

Manuel’s project is in the field of waste heat recovery from both stationary and mobile sources with Organic Rankine Cycle. The project includes the dynamic simulation and experimental analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle focusing on the characterization of the behaviour of the evaporator under continuously varying boundary conditions, as well as the formulation of control strategies for the dynamic operation of the system. The project is under the ICER collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany.


Collaborators in the project:

Dr. Christoph Wieland from Technical University Munich, Germany


Contact details:

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