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Dr. Jia Yin Sze - Research Fellow

Short bio

Current focus includes application and thermal characterization of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for Latent Heat Energy Storage Systems, thermal buffers in Waste to Energy Plants and Cold Thermal Energy Storage systems. These systems provide a means to recover waste energy and translate into an energy efficient Singapore. Graduated from Nanyang Technological University (BEng (2002) and Ph.D. (2007)) and had previously worked for Data Storage Institute, A*STAR, Singapore.



  • Phase change materials

  • Nanofluids

  • Thermal Energy Storage

  • Thermal and material analysis



Cold thermal storage systems for Smart Multi-Energy System (SMES) in Energy Research Institute @NTU

Cold TES systems will be integrated to provide grid’s resilience and district cooling options. Storage systems are expected to play a complementary role as a thermal buffer or as a means to balance intermittency in energy generation from waste energy or renewables sources. Cold TES systems use sensible or latent heat materials to stock energy for future use. The challenges include the development of economical and safe materials and encapsulation and efficient heat exchanger and energy system design.



Collaborators in the project:

Prof Yulong Ding and Dr Yongliang Li from Birmingham Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage, University of Birmingham


Contact details:

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